018Here at Metropolitan Oasis. We offer a wide variety of medial aesthetic and spa therapy services that cater to the various needs of people everywhere. One of these special medical treatments for promoting beauty, anti-aging, and just making the face feel new and alive is no other than the Vitalize Peel. The purpose of the
Vitalize Peel is to help lessen the presence of fine lines and melanin spots that do come from the advancement of age and also long exposure to outdoor elements such as the sun for example. This very special dermal chemical peel is composed of retinoic acid is able to very well with all skin tone types and complexions.

The Vitalize Peel is not just composed of retinoic acid. It also contains other key agents such as alpha-hydroxy, beta-hydroxy, and resorcinol. Retinoic acid is very good at collagen rejuvenation for skin and making the facial skin feel totally wonderful. This dermal skin peel treatment is just one of various special treatments and therapies that we, here at Metropolitan Oasis, do deliver to our clients to help them both look and feel good. We offer a wide array of other services that do make one not just look, but also feel better, and be better on all fronts.

We have been proudly serving the community here in San Bernardino now for more than 10 years and love the way we can transform individuals into rejuvenating themselves to feel better, look better, and just be better like never before.