014It used to be the case that if you wanted firmer, younger looking skin the only options available were Botox or dermal fillers. Whilst these treatments are proven to work, we understand they’re not for everyone, that’s where Skintyte comes in! Skintyte utilizes cutting edge technology to essentially coax your body into healing itself. An infrared light is used to deeply heat the dermal collagen that lies beneath the skins surface, this results in firmer tissue and subsequently smoother looking skin! To ensure the epidermis remains protected, sapphire contact cooling is employed in each and every treatment, to safeguard your skin.

For that very reason our Skintyte treatments do not require the use of any local or topical anaesthetics. If anything Skintyte is generally a pain free experience, a lot of our clients have described it as a gentle but rapid pulsing motion. Another impressive aspect of Skintyte is the recovery times. Unlike other treatments where you’d need time to recuperate and let the treatment do its work, a Skintyte treatment can be administered with no adverse effect on your daily life. Simply make your appointment, receive your treatment and carry on! It’s in these unique traits that Skintyte is quickly becoming a popular treatment for tightening and firming skin around the face and body.