003In this day and age, just about everybody has heard of Juvederm. It’s a highly popular dermal filler that has been utilized by thousands since its introduction to the public. Many are not aware, however, how many different options Juvederm now offers. Juvederm ® Ultra Plus is one of those four options and there are a number of specific facial issues that it is positively the best option for. They include being ideal for facial shaping because Juvederm ® Ultra Plus is injected directly into the fatty layers of the face. Areas that have suffered greater volume loss, such as cheeks, can benefit greatly from the use of Juvederm ® Ultra Plus.

When it comes to deeper wrinkles, the design of Juvederm ® Ultra Plus means that it goes much deeper into your skin, so it fills out more of the severe wrinkles. It also out-performs other dermal fillers in correcting naso-labial folds because it has the capability of going much deeper into the dermis. And, for significant lip enhancement , Juvederm ® Ultra Plus is the very finest option for optimum dramatic results.

At Metropolitan Oasis, we offer Juvederm ® Ultra Plus to you and all of our valued customers who are looking for the best in hyaluronic acid dermal fillers for adding volume and smoothing out wrinkles. The results of just one Juvederm ® Ultra Plus treatment have been proven to last up to a year.