005What is Dysport?

It is an injection which contains AbobotulinumtoxinA, which is made from the bacteria which causes botulism. The Botulinum toxins block nerve activities in the muscles, which reduces muscle activities.

Important information
It is used to treat-neck pain which occurs within the cervical dystonia and also a strange head position in adults. It is also used to advance the look of The glare lines betweeneyebrows for a short period of time in adults.

The Botulinum toxin in Dysport can spread to other parts of the body away from where it was injected. This may cause serious side effects in some persons receiving this injection. Call your doctor if you have drooping eyelids, severe muscles weakening, trouble talking, swallowing or breathing, loss of bladder control or a hoarse voice. These effects can occur after several weeks after receiving a Dysport injection.

Dysport injection should be given by trained medical professionals even when it is used for cosmetic purposes. One should not receive Dysport injection only once at a time. Using Dysport injection often than prescribed may not make it effective and this may result in a serious side effects. One should not receive Dysport if one is allergic to Botulinum toxin or if one has swelling, muscle weakness or an infection in the part where the Dysport will be injected.

The effects of this injection are temporary. Symptoms may return fully within three months after a Dysport injection. After repeated injections, it can take less and less time before the symptoms return, that is if your body develops antibodies to the toxin.