020For people who are looking for radiant and clear skin, Blue Peel Radiance is a great choice. Consisting of a non-invasive substance that gets rid of the top layer, it is a safe and effective way of revealing a younger, healthier, and smoother layer of skin. The peel can be used on the face, neck, and décolletage area to provide customers with a younger appearance.

A course of six treatments is recommended for the best results, and well-trained beauticians make every effort to protect the sensitive areas of the skin during the Blue Peel Radiance treatment. As the substance used has a low salicylic acid content, it is much gentler to the facial area than other chemicals. Some itching and redness might occur, but this goes away with time, and it is due to the peel cream stimulating the skin to regenerate.

It is recommended to apply high factor sun screen after getting a Blue Peel Radiance treatment, as the skin becomes thinner and more sensitive. However, as the Blue Peel Radiance is less invasive than other one-off treatments, it is causing less problems as well. It is also suggested that customers stay away from face tonics and exfoliating scrubs while undergoing this treatment.